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“To train pilots is a job and knowledge. Only a big experience and a dedication of the instructors can assure the candidates the guarantee of a method, thus a profit”.

At present, two theories oppose. The one to pass very fast on the basic training and to persuade the pupil that he is already an airline pilot before beginning.

The other which has for objective to prepare the pupil with a rigorous basic method of work to teach him(her) at first his(her) pilot’s job. The rest will be easy.
«It is of no use to propose too successful or great equipped machines: a beautiful pen has never prevented the spelling mistakes»

Airline Flight Academy Director

Missions & Strategy

Founded in 1998 on the initiative of professionals from the world of aviation, the Airline Flight Academy (AFA) provides to airlines and aerospace companies such as GITAS group the skills they need through theoretical training and practices.

It is the unique school offering as broad and comprehensive set of training and activities related to aviation and in particular the air transport industry in Africa. The Airline Flight Academy (AFA) is proud of many of its trained Line Pilots, AMT (Aircraft Maintenance Technicians) and Aircraft Flight Dispatcher who are working right now in Tunisia as well as in several other countries mainly in the Gulf region.

The training center Airline Flight Academy is accredited by the Tunisian Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority:

  • Line Pilot (ATPL, CPL/IR)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician AMT (B1/B2)
  • Aircraft Flight Dispatcher
  • Industries – Aerospace

Three strategic objectives stand out:

  • Develop curriculums in the aviation sector toward a diploma or Certification
  • Become a platform for training and development of the aviation sector in Africa.
  • Develop international activities through partnership at the international level.