Commercial Pilot License CPL (A)

Purpose of the training

The purpose of this training is to bring the student to a level of competence to attend and pass the theoretical and practical examination under the CAA supervision in order to obtain the Commercial Pilot License CPL.

Admission Conditions :

  • Minimum required age is 18 years.
  • Class 1 Medical aptitude delivered by Aviation Medicine Expertise Center (CEMEDA)
  • Pass the language tests (French & English) successfully during the entrance interview
  • Minimum educationrequirement : Baccalaureate.
  • If a trainee wishes to pursue practical training CPL (A), he must hold:
    – A valid theoretical CPL Certificate or,
    – A valid theoretical ATPL Certificate
  • Sign the Airline Flight Academy AFA training agreement.

The commercial pilot flight training program CPL (A) complies with Tunisian regulations:

  • Theoretical training  :
    – 560 hours of theoretical course for integrated training or

    – 410 hours of classes for modular training (holder of a valid PPL).
  • Practical training  : 150 hours minimum flight hours including 5h on an approved flight simulator FNPT 2.

Theoretical 75%
Innovation 85%
Practical 90%
Homologous 100%

Training Program

The theoretical training program covers the following subjects:

  1. Air Law and Air Traffic Control Procedures;
    2. General knowledge of aircraft:
    • Airframe & systems operations
    • Instruments & Avionics

    3. Flight preparation and performance:
    • Mass and Balance
    • Performance
    • Preparation and monitoring of the flight

    4. Human Performance
    5. Meteorology
    6. Navigation:
    • General Air Navigation
    • Radio navigation

    7. Operational Procedures
    8. Principle of flight
    9. Communications

– 125 h on single-engine Aircraft
– 5h h on LVP (Low Visibility Procedure) on an approved FNPT II simulator.
– 20h on Twin Engine including 5h Night Flight

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